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Unique Aviation offers an all-inclusive package allowing our customers peace of mind  based on a trusted partner thanks to our expertise

Aviation Consulting

Our clients are not just clients. They are our partners in their project to purchase an aircraft. They often become friends as we like to build a long-term relationship. We bring extreme attention to their needs and expectations.

Buying a jet or a helicopter is a complex process, especially in the dynamic market we face nowadays. Information needs to be accurate to make quick and adequate decisions.

At Unique Aviation, our team listens and cares to locate the aircraft our partners wish to have on their ramp. We focus on details, and we deliver. Our team is always available to assist and offer solutions, aside from any concerns or issues. We want to make our partners buying experience a Unique experience.

Unique Aviation has access to a wide variety of aircraft dedicated to charter worldwide. Our team will find you the aircraft you may need anytime, Anywhere.

We are also very experienced in ACMI leasing. We bring an all-inclusive solution to you: Aircraft with qualified Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance costs all taken care of. It is easy to have an aircraft dedicated to you with a flat hourly rate; All you pay is the monthly fee corresponding to the Block Hours needed and agreed by contract. From small jets to Ultra Long Range jets, we have the solution. Our dedicated team is here to locate the aircraft you need.

Aircraft Management

Unique Aviation offers a one-stop solution to your aviation needs. Not only do we assist you in the buying process, but we are also here to ensure a smooth, efficient, cost-effective, and hassle-free operation of your aircraft.

Backed by our network of first-class operators, we select the finest management company to suit our clients' needs.

Our Services

Because we offer our customers peace of mind when buying or selling their aircraft, here is a non-exhaustive list of the services we offer: 

- Access to a worldwide and exclusive network of buyers and sellers 
- Confidential marketing of your aircraft
- Valuation according to the market  
- PPI (Pre-purchase Inspection) 
- Technical Appraisal
- Maintenance Coordination and on-site Representation
- Distressed Aircraft Recovery 
- Ferry Flights 
- Aircraft and Operations Management 
- Charter, ACMI, and Leasing 

About Us

Unique Aviation is, above all, the story and experience of aviation and aeronautics enthusiasts. With more than 30 years of aeronautical knowledge and thousands of flight hours, our team will provide you with valuable advice. 

By choosing Unique Aviation as your trusted partner, you are assured to be in the best conditions to sell or buy a unique aircraft. 

Unique aviation offers a personalized service to outsmart our partners' needs and expectations.

Unique Aviation headquarters are in Sofia, Bulgaria. With branches and representatives all over the world (Monaco, Cannes, London, Copenhagen, Turkey, Belgium, Dubai, Malta, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Spain, New-York and Los Angeles), our Team is able to respond your needs instantly.

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