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About Us

Unique Aviation is based on the experience and know-how of an extraordinary team. With more than 30 years of experience in the aeronautical industry, our experts will guide and assist you in acquiring or selling an aircraft or helicopter worldwide. 

Our Vision


Throughout buying or selling an aircraft, Unique Aviation puts transparency first. The procedure can sometimes be long and delicate, and explaining all the reasons to our partners is essential. 

Our teams will constantly defend your interests and rely on a network of international partners to always put you first in all transactions. 


Our dedicated team is available to assist you round the clock anywhere in the world, whatever our clients may need. Our team will guide and accompany you throughout the buying or selling process.

You can count on Unique Aviation to answer you anytime to reassure you and inform you in real-time.


We promote the values of relationships and trust. Unique Aviation, through its partners, will be present at your side for a single transaction and for all those that may follow.

During 30 years in corporate aviation, we have structured a network between our clients and partners. This allows us to always find solutions to any problem we may face. Our clients are unique, and so are our relationships with them. 

Our Story

Unique Aviation is, above all, the story and experience of aviation and aeronautics enthusiasts. With more than 30 years of aeronautical knowledge and thousands of flight hours, our team will provide you with valuable advice. 

By choosing Unique Aviation as your trusted partner, you are assured to be in the best conditions to sell or buy a unique aircraft. 

Unique aviation offers a personalized service to outsmart our partners' needs and expectations

Unique Aviation accompanies and assists you throughout your project to buy or sell an aircraft or helicopter worldwide.  For enquiries, please contact us either using the contact form or by WhatsApp with the indicated number or email. 


+33 6 38 16 45 59


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